Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

To be the top provider of one window supply chain solutions . i.e. from raw material vendors to the manufacturer to his distributor /customer.

Mission Statement:

We strive to understand and study the client's important issues (decision trade-off) and common processes in different types of supply chains, so as to develop and /or manage a generic, modular and reusable framework. With micro managing structural and control elements of the chain so as to minimize risk and maximize benefits.


Afghan Transit Cargo Division

The gradual return of stability to Afghanistan has resulted in growth in economic prospects and an environment conducive to exploring business opportunities. The reconstruction period offered new export prospects for Transportations. We are proud to serve the Afghani public by giving them access to products in line with their needs and requirements.


Customs Bonded Carrier

Licensed Customs Bonded Carriers from Central Board of Revenue, Islamabad for the movement of bonded containers and cargo from Karachi Port Trust to all Hinterland Dry Ports within Pakistan.


Customs House Brokerage

In today’s global economy, a smooth flow of goods is essential to the success of your company. That’s why we are dedicated to handle your freight in a quick and cost effective manner.